"House Rules:"

At BeYou-Tiful Beginnings Recovery House, we strive to help our dolls recover during their most vulnerable time post surgery, while being supported by a team of professional caretakers. We ask residents to adhere to our set of rules, and we believe that this will help them to recover in the best way possible. 

We do understand that we are all adults and shouldn't have to be told what's right or wrong, but unfortunately, we do need to make the rules clear and concise to avoid any miscommunication.

  • There are to be NO ADDITIONAL GUESTS other than the dolls at the recovery home. This protects you, the staff and the other dolls that want to recover peacefully. Should you need to travel to and from the recovery home for any needs outside of doctor's appointments and massages, you are able to utilize a drive-share service, but we cannot allow family/friends or "boo-thangs" to physically come to the recovery home. Should you not comply, you will be asked to leave immediately and will not be refunded. We will provide all transportation to and from surgery center appointments as well as to and from the ATL Airport (Hartsfield).

  • We do not allow recording of the home or other dolls without prior consent from the other dolls AND from staff. This is to protect the privacy of other individuals in the facility. Non-compliance will result in immediate dismissal without a refund.

  • You are free to order food if you would like. We provide healthy and very tasty meals / snacks/ and beverages to our dolls, but we do understand cravings. We will also recommend maintaining a healthy diet eliminating as much salt, sugar and grease intake for optimal results. TREAT THAT NEW BAWDY RIGHT GIRL!!!!

  • Disagreements with staff or another doll- We strive to create an oasis for our dolls and disrespect and/or unprofessionalism from our staff will NOT be tolerated and is grounds for immediate dismissal. We train our staff to adhere to BeYou standard and expect nothing less.  However, due to the sensitive nature of our business, these things will NOT be tolerated by guests either!!! Our staff will keep a daily log of all activity for each doll and incident reports will need to be completed daily as needed. You will also be provided with grievance sheets as well as a direct line to the owner should you have any issues, questions, or concerns.

  • NO SMOKING on the premises (Yes, unfortunately, we do have to make this disclaimer).....

  • All monies due will need to be paid in full 24 hours prior to arrival- NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to complete payment will result in cancellation of booking and deposits are non-refundable!!! Deposits or any monies paid will remain valid for 6 months should there be any unforseen circumstances that result in cancellations/rescheduling.

LASTLY- WE ARE NOT DOCTORS- We cannot diagnose any illness. We are here to provide a relaxing, healthy, environment to aide in your recovery. We  have a licensed RN available for any questions you may have. She will also be available for daily vital checks and your stats will be recorded daily for record. Should any health emergencies arise, we will be sure to contact the authorities and ensure your prompt transport to the nearest emergency facility.

Get in touch with us for any questions or to learn more.